Easy Peasy Email Automation

What’s included in Easy Peasy Email Automations

A pre-work questionnaire

Pre-work questionnaire and call with me to go through ideas and everything that needs to be done. I will need to know about your business and your customers in order to set up the best funnels for your business.


Set up of lead nurture funnel

A set of 5 emails sent over a number of weeks to warm up new prospects. This will deliver the lead magnet and follow up emails to tell your story, building the know, like and trust factor.

Lead Magnet Set Up

Set up of a lead magnet/freebie to entice prospects to sign up to your list. 


A 30 minute follow up call

Assessment and set up of up to four new e-commerce automations that will benefit your business. We will look at what you already have and haven’t got set up and implement what’s missing.  This could include abandon basket, review requests, thank you for first order, re-engagement, up sells etc. 

Set Up of Website Opt Ins

Set up of email capture points on the website (in the header, pop up, landing page and on the checkout page) ensuring they comply with GDPR.


Set Up of Website Opt Ins

A checklist of places to promote your leadmagnet/freebie.

BONUS: Training on Mailchimp & Facebook Ads

Included in this you will get my training on Mailchimp and Facebook Ads.

The Mailchimp Training will give you the knowledge to set up future automations, tweak existing automations and send out regular campaigns.

The Facebook ads training will give you the knowledge you need to set up Facebook Ads for your product business. This training is specifically for product and e-commerce businesses. This alone is worth way more than the £497!

But don’t just take my word for it…

“I’ve enjoyed working with Lisa on developing my online marketing strategy over the past few months.

Having gone through the strategy with Lisa I quickly realised I needed her to help me implement it and she now manages my online marketing for me. An area that I just don’t have the patience or time for.

She consistently exceeds my expectations in her work. She always provides thorough, researched project proposals along with step by step actionable plans. I also love to receive her informative & succinct reports. She really make life easier for me in my small business.”

Fiona Skelton

Owner, Bella & Bow

I am loving the marketing work book you completed for me and I will be implementing and working through it over the next couple of weeks.  

So, thank you so much for spending the time on that for me.  I know it will make such a difference to my business

Leah Harris-Fowles

Owner, Ickle Pickle Prints

I think the biggest thing I feel since working with Lisa, is ‘unblocked’ – I’m making quicker decisions because I know she is working really quickly to make things happen and it really feels like a team.

I’ve had in-house team members who are employed, and I’ve had lots of support from freelancers over the years. Working with Lisa, I really feel a different level of trust and a certainty in her capabilities. 

I’m usually a micro manager and it’s amazing to be free of that worry. I trust Lisa 100% and I love the feeling of momentum, achieving things and making things happen that having her on my team is giving me.

Rachel Till

Owner, Walk Mill Botanics

Hi, I am Lisa Pierce and I ‘m an Online Marketing Expert 

I only know too well how difficult running a product business is. I have been exactly in your shoes for the past 5 years with my own product businesses. I have also got 10 years of email marketing experience under my belt from my past corporate career and my career as a freelance email marketing consultant.

I set up this business because I am passionate about educating and helping small businesses drive revenue for their business by using one of the most cost effective and efficient marketing channels there is – email marketing.

My goal is very simple: to help you to create automated sales funnels that fit your business. Funnels that will bring you leads and sales in on autopilot. Without the hassle and time that you think it’s going to take.

Easy Peasy Email Automations is exactly that – EASY (and much more!). Let’s recap what’s included in the package….









with BONUS- Mailchimp & Facebook Ads Training ALL for only £497 or 2 instalments of  £275 over 2 months*!

Payment plan available, contact me to discuss. Training will be available from March 2019.

This all sounds great But…

Is the Easy Peasy Email Funnels really as good as it sounds?

Yes, it really is! And if you want to know more and understand why, review the questions and answers below or contact me here! Also, checkout some of the testimonials above where you can see what other product businesses just like you think.

How quickly will my funnels be set up once I pay?

Shortly after you make the payment, we will send you an email with a questionnaire and a link to my calendar to book your session with me. Following that and if you get all info and feedback over to me in the timescales, I can have your funnels set up within a couple of weeks. 

Is copy included?

This is a personal choice but copy can be included in the price. I do ask you to review and tweak all copy I write to ensure that it’s in your tone of voice. You are also more than welcome to write your own copy if this is something you prefer to do. I know how unique this is to you and your brand.

What will I need?

You will need to have an email provider set up (if you don’t, that’s fine, I can help you choose and set this up). 

Do you only work with Mailchimp?

No, while Mailchimp is an area of expertise for me, I can set this up in any email service provider as long as they have the tools to set up automations. Not sure about yours? Just give me a shout and I can let you know.